Dr Rachel Chappell
Southampton Emerging Therapies and Technology (SETT) Center Manager

Improving care

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Following a PhD in chemistry Rachel worked in the IT industry for 10 years before joining the NHS where she has now spent 20 years working across many areas.

From 2015 Rachel spent 6 years with the NHS England Clinical Network promoting quality improvement in the dementia care pathway across the South East of England. Rachel is now working with the SETT Centre which aims to catalyse research in emerging therapies, Medical technology and Data & AI. These areas have been identified as areas with vanguard potential for clinical service development and substantial growth opportunity.

Alongside this Rachel has worked with research teams across the University of Southampton and University Hospital Southampton bringing programme management support to link research and innovation through to implementation and quality improvement. Her recent work has focussed on the development of digital platforms for people with long term neurological conditions and health economic analysis of neurological pathways.

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