Implementing My Medical Record for neurology

Theme Group: Improving care

Sub Theme: Digital care

Status: Active

Project overview:

University Hospital Southampton utilises the patient online platform My Medical Record, enabling the sharing of relevant documents, addition of personal information and completion of online health surveys all with the aim of improving communication and planning between patients, carers and multidisciplinary care teams. This implementation project  supported the development of My Medical Record to improve self-management, care planning, and outcomes measurement for local patients living with a neurological condition.

Neuro LTC: Online integrated care plan

Chappell R & Kipps C

Complex long-term neurological conditions often require the input of several health care teams across primary and secondary care settings. Personalised care plans allow for integrated care planning and improved communication...


Portrait image of Chris Kipps

Professor Chris Kipps

Role: Consultant Neurologist

Chris is a Consultant Neurologist with subspecialty interest in behavioural neurology and cognitive disorders, and Professor of Clinical Neurology and Dementia at University Hospital Southampton and the University of Southampton. He leads the Cognitive Disorders service at the Wessex Neurological Centre.

Chris is Clinical Director for Research and Development at...

Portrait image of Rachel Chappel

Dr Rachel Chappell

Role: Southampton Emerging Therapies and Technology (SETT) Center Manager

Following a PhD in chemistry Rachel worked in the IT industry for 10 years before joining the NHS where she has now spent 20 years working across many areas.

From 2015 Rachel spent 6 years with the NHS England Clinical Network promoting quality improvement in the dementia care pathway across...

Supporting documents:

Read the Health Foundation Report here