Leading research to identify and understand care needs in Neurological Long-term Conditions


Neurological long-term neurological conditions comprise a diverse set of conditions resulting from injury or disease of the nervous system that continue to affect an individual for life.  The neuro research team led by Professor Chris Kipps at Southampton University Hospital and University of Southampton are working together to identify and understand the care needs of people with neurological conditions including dementia, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Huntington’s disease and motor neurone disease. Our research covers two key areas: Improving care & Diagnosis and prognosis.


The care that people with long term neurological conditions require can vary over the course of the condition. Our research into improving care for people with long term neurological conditions sits within two broad areas; Quality of  Life & Digital Care. Go to the Improving care page


New technologies, access to joined-up data, and novel computational modelling methods are improving our understanding of diagnosis and prognosis for people with long term neurological conditions. Our research is focussed on three key areas; Neuroimaging Methods, Biomarker Research & Data Modelling. Go to the Diagnosis and Prognosis page

Recent projects