Clinician attitudes to dementia investigations (CADI)

Theme Group: Diagnosis and prognosis

Sub Theme: Imaging

Status: Active

Project overview:

The CADI study was focussed on a service evaluation questionnaire to determine the use of perfusion SPECT imaging to influence diagnosis and diagnostic confidence in clinical practice. Surveys submitted from both clinicians and service users indicated that perfusion SPECT is valued by clinicians and contributes to the diagnostic process and understanding of the patient’s disease. The information from the study directly validated the use of perfusion SPECT imaging locally for aiding dementia diagnosis.

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Portrait image of Chris Kipps

Professor Chris Kipps

Role: Consultant Neurologist

Chris is a Consultant Neurologist with subspecialty interest in behavioural neurology and cognitive disorders, and Professor of Clinical Neurology and Dementia at University Hospital Southampton and the University of Southampton. He leads the Cognitive Disorders service at the Wessex Neurological Centre.

Chris is Clinical Director for Research and Development at...

Portrait image of Angus Prosser

Dr Angus Prosser

Role: Senior Research Fellow

Angus is a Senior Research Fellow within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton and Innovation Project Manager for the Southampton Emerging Therapies and Technologies (SETT) Centre.

Angus’s research interests include the optimisation of neuroimaging and other biomarkers to improve diagnosis and prognosis for those living with dementia...

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