BRAIN AI: Biomarker Research Assessing Inflammation in Neurodegeneration using Artificial Inteligence

Theme Group: Diagnosis and prognosis

Sub Theme: AI and bio markers

Status: Active

Project overview:

The BRAIN AI study developes targeted inflammation and imaging biomarkers. A novel diagnosis support tool is being developed to facilitate early objective diagnosis of dementia by combining imaging and inflammation using AI.

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Portrait image of Chris Kipps

Professor Chris Kipps

Role: Consultant Neurologist

Chris is a Consultant Neurologist with subspecialty interest in behavioural neurology and cognitive disorders, and Professor of Clinical Neurology and Dementia at University Hospital Southampton and the University of Southampton. He leads the Cognitive Disorders service at the Wessex Neurological Centre.

Chris is Clinical Director for Research and Development at...

Portrait image of Sofia Michopolou

Dr Sofia Michopoulou

Role: Medical Physics Expert

Sofia is a medical physics expert (MPE) for nuclear medicine and an NIHR clinical lecturer. She supports the nuclear medicine, SPECT/CT and PET/CT services at UHS and leads the introduction of new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

Sofia teaches medical imaging at BSc and MSc level at the University of Southampton...

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